Caring For



Stuffed Animals,  Dolls  Caring for Gods Kids, Inc. Located in Belton, TX


Operating Funds


Since conception we have never ask for any funds. Since we have grown we are finding it hard to meet the need of pick up and delivery from our vehicles. Then having to wash and dry the little guys to be sent out to the public. We have to meet the Texas state health requirements of non-scent and antibacterial soap.  We also need fund for everyday expense of being a non-profit. Your donation are tax deductable We are a 501 c3 non -profit with the IRS

We do not sell any of these items. We are not a donation to sell outlet. store or ebay store. Your donation of stuffed animal and dolls. They are check and cleaned and the sent back to the Bell County Comunity and other who need these items for their children in need.

We do not rent a building or have the maintenance for upkeep or other types of cost that a building has. This helps us with any donation that we receive to go to what we do.